In the beginning of 1996, a new construction company, GMP, was founded in Thessaloniki. Thanks to the creativity, consistency and quality of its projects, it soon became prominent in the construction industry, increasing its economic figures and establishing a considerable clientele.
Today, GMP presents a remarkable number of projects throughout Greece, which stand out for their constructional integrity, high design and functionality. 


In GMP, our priority is to apply architectural studies through modern solutions that conform to constructional requirements, meet all technical standards, are unique and last in time, following the rapid evolution of technology, using modern open standards and smart systems in every project.
We consider every project to be unique, regardless its category or size. Every project has to be safe, functional, should stand out for the quality of construction, serve everyday human needs and respect the environment. Carrying out a project is done with absolute consistency to our clients’ needs regarding the cost and time schedule.


Sotiris Gratzios
Dipl. Electrical Engineer A.U.Th
KNX Partner

Vasilis Tragianos

Tarsi Kemitzopoulou
Civil Engineer

Panagiotis Morfidis
Mechanical Engineer

Sakis Marisios
Mechanical Engineer

Periklis Tassis
Dipl. Civil Engineer A.U.Th

Lia Mpakea
Civil Engineer